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Custom Ordered Color Palettes in Inkscape

Using the Inkscape Generate Palette plugin you can create custom sorted palettes:

generate palette Gui

  1. First install the extension – see README with options/instructions. Then restart Inkscape.
  2. Then arrange your colored objects on either the z-index, x location, or y location
  3. After that, box-select your whole palette and use the extension by opening Extensions → Palette → generate.
  4. Then name the palette, select your sorting method, and click Apply.
  5. Finally restart inscape to refresh the palette selection.


In v6.0 you can sort your palettes by the location, however the pull request that adds the ability to sort palettes by a grid has yet to be merged and released. I would expect to have this feature in something like v6.1 when their team gets the chance to do another release.

-- Missing configuration options! --

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